January 31 – Paul Friedrich Heinrich Karl Lenschow

The first month of the new year is almost over already. Isn’t it amazing how time seems to fly?

The London Lock Hospital opens its doors on January 31, 1747. It was the first venereal disease clinic developed for the treatment of syphillis.

Friedrich II. of Prussia (also known as Friedrich the Great or “the old Fritz”) constitutes the province Westprussia via decree on January 21, 1773.

January 31, 1896 is the birthday of Paul Friedrich Heinrich Karl LENSCHOW. He was the firstborn child of the cottager and grocer Wilhelm Johann Heinrich LENSCHOW and his wife Katharina Maria Elisabeth née LENSCHOW, living in Sievershagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

Paul received his christening on February 16, 1896 in the lutheran church of Diedrichshagen, in the same parish. In the same church he got confirmed on March 20, 1910.

And that is the last trace I’ve found of him. I wonder, if there are Lenschow descendants out there?


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