January 30 – Helga Wilhelmine Frieda Hagedorn

This is going to be a sad blogpost today…

The radical Hindutva Nathuram Godse kills Mahatma Ghandi on January 30, 1948 in New Delhi.

… today is the anniversary of the “Bloody Sunday”.

On January 30, 1972 twenty-six civil rights protesters and bystanders were shot by soldiers of the British Army in Derry, Northern Ireland. Thirteen people including seven teenagers died directly at the scene of the incident. One man died almost five months later due to wounds he suffered in the attack.

Most of us will know the U2 song “Bloody Sunday” – that’s what it is about.

And also on my family tree it is not really getting better.

January 30, 1929 is the birthday of my 4th cousin 2x removed Helga Wilhelmine Frieda HAGEDORN. As far as I know by today she is the first born child of the farm owner Friedrich Heinrich Karl Martin HAGEDORN and his wife Gertrude née NÖLCK from Boienhagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

But the little girl died just a bit over two years later on June 1, 1931.

She got laid to rest on the church cemetary of Diedrichshagen on June 4, 1931.



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