January 26 – Lenschow & Lenschow wedding

Happy Australia Day for everyone Down Under!!

The emperor’s commander Wallenstein buys secretly the two duchies Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Güstrow on January 26, 1628 following the enforced resignation of their respective Dukes by Emperor Ferdinand II.

And Michigan becomes 26th State of the USA today in 1837.

On my family tree we have a wedding anniversary today.

On January 26, 1886 the cottager and bricklayer Wilhelm Johann Heinrich LENSCHOW from Kastahn, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany marries the tailor’s daughter Maria Wilhelmine Elisabeth LENSCHOW from the neighbour village Sievershagen.

They married in Diedrichshagen, the main village of the parish.

Lenschow & Lenschow

Lenschow & Lenschow

As you can see from the churchbook entry above, Wilhelm was born on August 2, 1859 in Kastahn (written here Castahn) and Maria was born in Sievershagen on July 1, 1864. And neither of them has been married before.
Both of the fathers have already been deceased at the time of this wedding.
Maria died on February 10, 1894 after giving birth to a stilborn daughter. And this is one of the cases where Wilhelm as her widower married Maria’s sister Katharina Maria Elisabeth LENSCHOW who brought one illegitimate child into the marriage.
Today you would call this a win-win-situation, I guess 😉



2 thoughts on “January 26 – Lenschow & Lenschow wedding

  1. Barbara, I really like your posts. Lots of work for you but interesting. I don’t know what the cause is but when I view your posts the last paragraph overlaps the share and like buttons and your name with your picture. This makes it very hard to read. Don’t know if it’s on your end or mine. (I also use wordpress)


    • thanks for pointing that out. no idea what happened there. I just changed the layout and it should be resolved now. I am glad you like my posts. And yes, it is a lot of work, but it really helps with my family tree. By being forced to rework the sources when I write the posts I found so many “new” old things, I didn’t think to be important the first (and second and third) time.


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