January 20 – Hans Hinrich Christopher Ohrt

Ellinor von Puttkamer, coming from a long line of ambassadors, governors, adjutants et else, is the first women to join the Corps Diplomatique of the Federal Republic of Germany on January 20, 1969. She moves to Strassbourg as the Ambassador to the Council of Europe.

On January 20, 1778 James Cook reaches Kaua’i (Hawaii).

And on my family tree we move a bit westwards again. To the duchy Lauenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark.

There, in Mönkhagen, my 3rd great granduncle Hans Hinrich Christopher OHRT is born on January 20, 1788. He is the sixth of eight children of the laborer Hans Hinrich Christopher OHRT and his wife Ann Malen née Jägers. He is the younger brother of Kathrin Magdalena ORTH, whom I introduced to your here.

You can see that their last name differs. In some documents it’s OHRT, in others ORTH or ORT.

Hans received his christening in Zarpen, Schleswig-Holstein on January 27, 1788.

And that is all I know about him. If you know anything else, I would love to hear from you.




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