Januar 13 – Marie Margarete Elisabeth Dübrock

With the “Treaty of Madrid” Spain and Portugal agree on January 13, 1750 on a new definition of borders of their overseas territories in South America.

On January 13, 1898 the French author Émile Zola publishes his open letter “J’accuse” in which he accuses the French government of anti-semitism and the unlawful jailing of Alfred Dreyfus (also known as “Dreyfus-Affair“).

And the only event on my family tree for this day?

On January 13, 1883 Marie Margarete Elisabeth DÜBROCK dies in Wotenitz, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

death certificate Marie Dübrock

death certificate Marie Dübrock

She was born in Wotenitz on May 14,1865 as the youngest of three daughters to Johann Joachim DÜBROCK and his wife Katharina Margaretha Dorothea née FRAHM.

She was just 17 years old – November 3, 1882 –  when she married the tailor Hans Heinrich Christian BAUMANN in Grevesmühlen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

The poor girl died just three weeks after she gave birth on December 25, 1882 to their only child, a daughter they named Dora Maria Johanna Elise.

churchbook entry death Marie Dübrock

churchbook entry death Marie Dübrock

Marie got laid to rest on January 18, 1883 in Grevesmühlen.


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