January 11 – Kathrin Magdalena Orth

It’s the year of the centenary. I’ve never really been interested in WW I before I started with my family research. But digging deeper and depper and finding more and more documents related to WW I, the interest started to grow.

Today in 1914 the Battle of Lodz started with the German offensive on Russian troops

And today in 1918 is the day everything ended. The Truce of Compiègne ends the hostilities of World War I.

We move way back in my family tree today. And we move west to the Duchy of Holstein, Denmark (today county Storman, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany).

Some people might argue if today’s Schleswig-Holstein really belonged to Denmark. But from 1460 til 1864 both Duchies Schleswig and Holstein had been connected with Denmark via a personal union. It’s complicated and always a question of interpretation 😉

There in the village of Mönkhagen (a.k.a. Mönchshagen, Munkehagen) my 3rd great grand aunt Kathrin Magdalena ORTH is born on January 11, 1786.

I also have this family name as ORT or OHRT (with which I started out) which brings me back to the golden rule no. 1

Remember? “Spelling dusnt count” 😉

Kathrin is one of eight children of the labourer Hans Hinrich Christoph OHRT and his wife Ann Malen née JÄGERS.

She received her christening on January 15, 1786 in Zarpen, Duchy of Holstein, Denmark.

That’s all I have so far. I’ve only made it to the local archives once during my research. I always had other issues on my family tree to solve. But it is there, I “just” have to make the time to go up there and lock myself in the archive for abt. 48 hours 😉

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