#52ancestors No. 2 – family picture


And here is my post for week #2 of the “52 ancestors” challenge from Amy Crow over at “No story too small”. 

This is one of the few family pictures I have. My aunt allowed me to take a picture of her printout copy and unfortunately, it already had the names imprinted in red on it. I guess someone before me worked out who is who.

Great Grandma Emma Catharina Schmidt née Ohrt and children

Great Grandma Emma Catharina Schmidt née Ohrt and children

This is my greatgrandmother Emma Catharina Ohrt, born June 6, 1877 in Schlutup (today Lübeck) with her six children. I wonder if my greatgrandfather (Carl August Joachim SCHMIDT) was the one taking the picture since he is missing.

Emma died March 24, 1949 in Lübeck.

Except for aunt Gertrud (Tutti) who gives a small smile they don’t really look like they enjoy taking the picture. Especially uncle Willi looks very stubborn and pouting.

And I just realize how funny it is that I call them aunt and uncle, with them being kids on the foto. But that is just how I got “introduced” to them.

There we have Aunt Else, born April 2, 1901 in Lübeck and died on December 25, 1996. Til the day my Oma (granny) had her stroke in 1995 Else used to walk the 2km to her house for their daily chats and afternoon coffee. Even being way in her 90s.

Next to her is Aunt Luise, I don’t have particular dates for her. Then Uncle Kalli (Wilhelm Hermann Heinrich KARL Schmidt), born October 22, 1904. He died January 17, 1984 in Lübeck.

See the little girl left of Emma holding hands with her mother? That is my Oma Margarete (Grete), she was the youngest of the six, being born on December 14, 1912 in Lübeck.

On Emma’s right there is Aunt Tutti (Gertrud) and Uncle Willi (Albert Paul Wilhelm).

When I started my family research and my Dad told me about his uncles and aunts I always got Uncle Kalli and Uncle Willi confused. Kalli’s first name is Wilhelm (of which Willi is the short form) and Willi’s first name is Albert. No idea, why they have been called by one of their  middle names. It took me a while to get used to it.

And might I say that I love the women’s fashion of that time? When I take a look at my Oma, I would say the picture has been taken abt. 1917. The skirts and blouses just look very elegant and “grown-up”.

I just wish I had more pictures! And does anyone have any idea how to get rid of the red naming?

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