1919 census GrandDuchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

It is time to come to the last Mecklenburg-Schwerin census I work with.

The one from 1919

census Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1919

census Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1919

The census was taken on October 8, 1919 and is again household based. The form is seperated in 3 sections

  • Section Ia (Abschnitt Ia) states all permanent residents of the household in the night from October 7 to October 8, 1919
  • Section Ib (Abschnitt Ib) states all non-permanent residents (visitors) of the household in the night from October 7 to October 8, 1919
  • Section II (Abschnitt II) states all permanent residents of the household which are not present in the night from October 7 to October 8, 1919

And the columns from left to right:

  • consecutive number
  • first name (respectively calling name)
  • family name
  • position in the household
  • the next two columns provide the gender (male/female)
  • family status (single, married, divorced or widowed)
  • the next three columns provide the birth date (dd/month/yyyy) – please be aware of the different formatting
  • the next two columns show the place of birth (village resp. town and the county)
  • nationality (which German country or which foreign state)
  • the next column is a special one for the 1919 census. It provides the village resp. town which is responsible for the food supply for the civil population. Imagine that we are just one year after the end of the Great War
  • followed by the place of residence of the a) visitors and b) preliminary absent
  • the last 2 columns are for military personell: one provides the military rank and the last column the status of a prisoner of war

In this example you see the census of the family of Heinrich and Elise Schwarz from Diedrichshagen. They have one son called Otto. They have not only four servants / farmhands living with them (rows 4 til 7) but also two prisoners of war from Russia.

In section I b you see two relatives as visitors. Both of them live in Lübeck, Germany.

Every head of the household had to sign the form to confirm the correctness. Wrong information or the refusal to answer the questions would be fined with 1.500 Mark.

That was the last one of the series of my Mecklenburg-Schwerin censuses.

The next ones I work with are the censuses of Lübeck.


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4 thoughts on “1919 census GrandDuchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

  1. Barbara, Thank you for the series of blog posts on the Mecklenburg-Schwerin census. They have really helped me understand better what is being reported about the people of interest I’ve found so far.


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