January 9 – Meyer & Parbs wedding

Monumento a Vittorio Emmanuele

Monumento a Vittorio Emmanuele

January 8, 1878 – following the death of his father Vittorio Emanuele II, his oldest son Umberto I. becomes King of Italy. Today the monument of Vittorio Emanuele II (also known as “Altare della Patria” or “Il Vittorino”) is the ugliest building in Rome.. It does not fit into the city at all.  Well, at least for me 😉

And on January 9, 1960 the construction of the Aswan Dam begins in Egypt.

And on my family tree we celebrate the anniversary of the parents-in-law of my first cousin 4x removed.

Catharina Margaretha Elisabeth MEYER and Heinrich Gottlieb PARBS marry on January 9, 1852 in Diedrichshagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

Catharina was born abt. July 1824 (according to her death certificate) in Sievershagen, in the same parish. Also Heinrich was born in Sievershagen, about December 1824.

Following the wedding Catharina moved to Heinrich onto the family farm, which he inherited after his father’s death in 1863. Between 1852 and 1863 the two had seven children . At least three of them died before their teenage years.

This is the 1867 census form for the family:

census 1867 Parbs

census 1867 Parbs

They have 3 farmhands, 2 maids and a nephew living with them.

Catharina died on May 31, 1877 in Sievershagen, got laid to rest on June 5, 1877 in Diedrichshagen. Heinrich followed her to the other side on November 1, 1878 and got laid to rest on November 5, 1878.

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3 thoughts on “January 9 – Meyer & Parbs wedding

    • Oh, don’t get me wrong. Impressive it is! It just doesn’t fit to all the rest of Rome with all the ancient buildings and the more sandstone golden colour. This one is huge, blocking the view and bright white. Very controverse with the locals, too.


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