January 7 – Johann Joachim Heinrich Wilhelm Gröning

January 7, 1927  – a day that changed the world. It was the day of the first transatlantic call between London and New York.

Can you believe it took us not even 100 years to come up skyping, facetime, tweet, endless phone calls on flatrates, blogging and livestream of concerts and TV shows? Amazing!

Guttorm Palson, the bishop of Stavanger who died on January 7, 1350 is the last documented victim of the huge plague epidemic of Norway. The European plague pandemic haunted Europe between 1347 and 1357 killed about one third of the European population.

It wasn’t the pest that killed Johann Joachim Heinrich Wilhelm GRÖNING in January 7, 1928 in Upahl, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany. But I imagine that it was as painful. He died of liver cancer.

His daughter Herta registered his death the same day. Her last name given as GRÖNING in his death certificates tells me that she wasn’t married by the time of her father’s death.

death certificate Johann Joachim Heinrich Wilhelm Gröning

death certificate Johann Joachim Heinrich Wilhelm Gröning

Johann was born on October 13, 1873 as the oldest of four sons to Johann Joachim Friedrich Heinrich GRÖNING and his wife Maria Dorothea Elisabeth KRUSE.

He got confirmed on March 25, 1888 in Diedrichshagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

The 1900 census shows him being single, living in Upahl. He had a very interesting occupation though – he was a cigarmaker.

On July 21, 1905 he married the bricklayer’s daughter Wilhelmine Maria Dorothea KOOP from Upahl.

Hertha is the only child I know of so far.

Johann got laid to rest in Diedrichshagen on January 11, 1928.

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