January 6 – Claus Hinrich Kranz #52ancestors

This is my first contribution to the #52ancestors challenge from “No Story too small


My ancestor for this week is my 2nd great granduncle Claus Hinrich KRANZ, born January 6, 1838 in Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Below you find his baptism entry from April 14, 1838 of the churchbook from St. Andreas (St. Andrew’s) in Schlutup, the most eastern part of Lübeck.

baptism Claus Hinrich Kranz

baptism Claus Hinrich Kranz

He was the oldest son of the fisherman Hans KRANZ and his wife Lucia BADE.

On December 19, 1868 he married Anna Margaretha Elisabeth BADE in St. Andreas in Schlutup.

I traced him and his family through the censuses 1871, 1875 and 1880 for the city of Lübeck:

census 1871

census 1871

census 1875

census 1875

census 1880

census 1880

As you can see in the 1875 and 1880 census they had one son born in 1873, at least one surviving son. They had one infant stilborn son in 1871.

I didn’t find any death entry for him yet.

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8 thoughts on “January 6 – Claus Hinrich Kranz #52ancestors

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    • Thank you Beth! And thanks for stopping by. Yes, I am always happy when I can find documents to support my ancestor’s timeline. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of pictures (actually close to none) so I have to use docs 😉


  2. Barbara, thanks for liking and following my blog. I have the most information about my maternal grandmother’s family (primarily Great Britain) but some about my maternal grandfather’s family (primarily “Prussian” – Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). So, I’ll gladly follow your blog and be extremely grateful that you write in such flawless English!! My German is so rudimentary that I can only understand a word here and there.


      • Thank you Barbara. The locations I have are Grammentin and Kummerow which I have located on Google Earth. The surname is Goesch (possibly spelled Joische in the early 1800’s). I’m interested in my 2nd great grandfather Johann Carl Gustav Goesch (1797-1851)
        and his children. He was married to Catharina Elisabeth Friederike Teetz in 1832 in Kummerow. Their children were all born (I believe) in Grammentin between Dec 1832 and Jun 1851 (9 total). In the US Census 1880 my great grandfather Ernst is listed as living in Chicago, IL and his oldest child is 5 and was born in Illinois. So, before 1875 he and some of his siblings emmigrated to the US. I have no information on when or where they arrived or in what ship.


  3. Hi Larry, I might have found your great grandfather on the Hamburg passenger lists (one of the biggest emigration ports in Europe that time). This is what is listed:
    Ernst GOSCH, born 1849, living in Grammenthin, Preußen, leaving Hamburg on March 17, 1869 on the “Saxonia” ,travelling on the tween deck, destination: Havre; New York.
    And I’ve found some other GOSCH from Gramment(h)in leaving for New York. Can you drop me a mail (see “contact me”), please?


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