December 31 – Johann Joachim Christian Oldenburg

New Year’s Eve.. actually just a day like all the others. But still a day where we close old books and open new one’s.

A fun fact: On December 31, 1472 throwing snowballs gets prohibited by the authorities of the city of Amsterdam.

And on December 31, 1857 Queen Victoria declares Ottawa as capital from Canada.

On December 31, 1826  my 3rd great grand uncle Johann Joachim Christian OLDENBURG is born in Diedrichshagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany. He is the second of four children born to the fee farmer Joachim Christian Heinrich OLDENBURG and his wife Christine Dorothea Johanna SEEMANN.

He received his christening on January 2, 1827 in Diedrichshagen.

1848 on July 2 he dies as a farm hand in Diedrichshagen and got laid to rest on July 5, 1848 on the church cemetary of Diedrichshagen.


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