Tschüß 2013 / Goodbye 2013

klich überwältigt, dann passiert in meinem Kopf gar nichts mehr. Aber dafür habe ich ja meinen Coach.. um das Chaos in meinem Kopf dann zu entwirren und John ist ein fantastischer Coach 😉


So, this was it with 2014. It is almost over again. Just a couple of more hours… Actually today is a day like every other but somehow I cannot escape the exitement over the new year and the slight melancholy over the old one.

So, what happened in 2013?

I started this blog in July 2013 and already I received so many new (respectively by now not discovered in my notes yet) findings.

I joined Geneabloggers and was very exited to be featured in their “May I introduce to you…” series on December 9.

In December I joined the “Working out Loud” Program of John Stepper, a colleague from New York who uses this program to help people improving their careers. If you don’t know his amazing blog, don’t forget to stop by. With me it is not my “first” career we concentrate on. We are working on improving and broadening my network and my perspective on genealogy and family research. And let me tell you: my head is full of new ideas, thoughts are buzzing in my head. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed that nothing works anymore. But that’s what I have a coach for, right? To untangle the chaos in my head.. and John is an amazing coach, I might add 😉

I am so much looking forward to 2014. To all the new things that are going to happen.. to all the new possibilities that show up.. to all the new doors to be opened.

Have a happy new year, everyone! Stay safe, be blessed and be a blessing. And don’t forget to stop by again 😉

Disclaimer: this hasn’t been reworked and/or edited.. just came out of the keyboard. So whoever finds some grammar or spelling things.. keep them 😉 


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