December 28 – Elisabeth Dorothea Auguste Meyer

On December 28, 1612 Galileo Galilei is the first one to discover the planet Neptun, but he thinks it’s “only” a fixed star.

And we stay in outer space. On December 28, 1904 Alphonse Louis Nicolas Borrelly discovers a comet which is later named in his honour.

On my family tree we meet the mother-in-law of my 2nd cousin 3x removed. Her name is Elisabeth Dorothea Auguste MEYER and is born on December 28, 1860 in Sievershagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

On July 15, 1881 she married her first husband Heinrich Hans Joachim WULF in Diedrichshagen. Unfortunately, Heinrich died only 1.5 years later in January 1883. Being a young mother of a daughter, Elisabeth doesn’t really have a choice then to remarry.

Her second wedding took place in Diedrichshagen on November 23, 1883 to the fee farmer Wilhelm Heinrich Burkhard Gottlieb KÄHLER from Gostorf.

Elisabeth gave birth to four children in this marriage before she died in Büttlingen on November 15, 1893.

She got laid to rest on November 19, 1893 in Diedrichshagen.


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