December 27 – Wilhelm Martin Franz Stüwe

Christmas is over, all the food is eaten, time to recover and prepare for the end of the year 😉 

Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan on December 27, 1979. With the Operation Storm-333 the president Hafizullah Amin gets liquidated and replaced by Babrak Karmal

On December 27, 1831 Charles Darwin started his historical 5 year journey on board of the HMS Beagle under the command of Captain Robert FitzRoy. 

Let’s see what we have on my family tree for this day. On December 27, 1882 the husband of my great grand aunt Wilhelm Martin Franz STÜWE is born in Teterow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany. 

birth entry Wilhelm Martin Franz Stüwe

birth entry Wilhelm Martin Franz Stüwe

As you can see above he received his christening on January 6, 1881. He was the fifth child of the day labourer Johann Friedrich Heinrich STÜWE and his wife Johanna Dorothea Luise née Asmuß. 

According to the cenus the family moved to Bristow by 1900. 

On November 1, 1904 he married my great grand aunt Anna Maria Frieda SCHMIDT in Grubenhagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany. The couple had 2 children I know of so far. One son born in 1905 and a daughter born in 1906. Both of the children were already born in Nienhagen, which means the family moved again. 

The 1919 census shows the family living with Anna’s mother (in column 3 you see “Schwiegermutter” (mother-in-law)) in Nienhagen. 

1919 census Stüwe

1919 census Stüwe


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