December 25 – Helene Christine Louise Möller

December 25 – Christmas Day. In Germany the day to visit grandparents and other family members who are not joining the christmas eve festivities. Since my grandparents are all dead it is a leisure day for us. Playing board- or cardgames, taking a walk with the dog, spending time together..

On December 25, 983 Otto III. gets crowned in Aachen, Germany by the arch bishops of Mainz and Ravenna as King of Germany. Since the boy is just 3 years old he gets a special crown manufactured only for him.

And on December 25, 1066 William II. Duke of Normandy gets crowned as King of England at Westminster Abbey in London, following his conquest of England which started with the battle of Hastings.

And on my family tree, I only have sad events to present.

One is the death of my 3rd great grand aunt Helene Christine Louise Möller. She died of thypoid fever on December 25, 1857 in Dechow, Duchy of Lauenburg, Germany.

She was the daughter of the carpenter Matthias Gottlieb Möller and his wife Magdalene Dorothea née BETT (also known as BECK or BETH).

Neither do I have her exact birth date yet nor the day of the marriage to my 3rd great grand uncle Franz Joachim Hinrich SCHAPER from Mustin, Duchy of Lauenburg.

But between 1846 and 1856 she gave birth to six children – five girls and a boy.

Helene got laid to rest on December 28, 1857 in Mustin, Duchy of Lauenburg, Germany.


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