December 23 – Carl August Joachim SCHMIDT

I hope you all had wonderful holidays with your loved ones!

Actually I planned to keep blogging when I went back home to spend christmas with my family but this plan was quickly re-worked. I was just too busy with long walks with the dog along the beach and gravehunting on the church cemetary of St. Andrew’s in Schlutup (I found some very promising tombstones.. blog to follow).

That means I have some catching up to do.. here is December 23 on my family tree.

On December 23, 1798 King Ferdinand IV. of Naples flees from advancing french troops to Sicily. The evacuation of the royal household is organized on English ships under the command of the great Horatio Nelson. Following a rough passage they arrive in Palermo on December 26, 1798.

One day after the capture of Abd el-Kaders France declares Algeria a colony on December 23, 1847.

And on my family tree?

My greatgrandfather Carl August Johann SCHMIDT died on August 23, 1955 in Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

obituary Carl August Joachim Schmidt

obituary Carl August Joachim Schmidt

Carl was born on May 29, 1875 in Tüschenbek, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany on the local estate where his father Carl Friedrich Wilhelm SCHMIDT worked as a stableman. An occupation Carl also worked in when he was old enough.

Carl received his christening on June 27, 1875 in the church of Groß Grönau, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

His first vaccination against the smallpox happened in 1876, the second on June 10, 1887. It is listed with “pig lymph, 6 cuts, 1 pustule, vaccination success: yes – inspection on June 17, 1887.”

The military records from 1896 show him being a member of the Infantery Regiment “von Boyen” (5th East Prussian) No. 41. I already put the military records of WW I and WW II on my to-do-list.

And between 1896 and 1901 he married my great grandmother Emma Catharina OHRT from Schlutup (today part of Lübeck), he moved from Tüschenbek to Lübeck (the city my family still lives in) and they had six children.

This is a very blurry picture of my great grandparents with their children and some children-in-law.

Greatgrandparents Schmidt's family

Greatgrandparents Schmidt’s family

Because the next proven record I have for thim is the birth certificate of their youngest child,  my grandma Margarethe Katharina Emma SCHMIDT in 1912. His occupation is given there with coachman.

In this entry of the Lübeck adressbook from 1920 he is also stated as coachman

adressbook Lübeck 1920

adressbook Lübeck 1920

He later changed his horses and coaches to trucks and more “horse power” building a truckage company.

Carl got laid to rest on the cemetary “Burgtor” on December 27, 1955.



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