December 21 – Anna Margaretha Elisabeth Bade

We are coming closer to christmas. Yesterday I had my last working day for this year and today I will head home up north to celebrate christmas with the family – Parents, Sisters, Brother, Nieces and Nephew.. the whole “Schmidt bunch” coming together.

But of course I don’t want to miss to show you what happened on my family tree on this day. But let’s start with some interesting historical facts.

On December 21, 1859 Sam Houston becomes Gouvernor of Texas. He is the only one to get elected as Governor in two different states. He already served in Tennessee from 1827 til 1829.

Marie and Pierre Curie discover the chemical element Radium on December 21, 1898.

And on December 21, 1839 Anna Margaretha Elisabeth BADE is born in  Schlutup which belongs to Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany today. She is the oldest of two daughters of the fisherman Jasper BADE and his wife Margaretha Elisabeth VOSS. Actually most of my Schlutup relatives are fishermen.

She received her christening the very same day in St. Andreas church of Schlutup.

st. andreas

I could follow her trace through all of the published cencuses for Lübeck from 1851 til 1880. Even after her marriage to my 2nd great grand uncle Claus Hinrich KRANZ on December 19, 1868 in the same church. The fathers of bride and groom acted as witnesses to the marriage.

So far I know of two children they had: a stillborn in 1870 and one son in 1873.

I don’t know yet when she died.. but definetly after 1880.


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