December 20 – Johann Heinrich Meyer

Within the scope of the Louisiana Purchase France hands over New Orleans to the United States of America on December 20, 1803

The Elector of Saxony Friedrich August III. gets proclaimed as king on December 20, 1806 and from that day on he rules the kingdom of Saxony as Friedrich August I.

And on my family December 20, 1889 is the day Johann Heinrich MEYER died in Sievershagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany of consumption.

death certificate Johann Heinrich Meyer

death certificate Johann Heinrich Meyer



He was the oldest son of Joachim Heinrich MEYER and his wife Catharina Margarethea WULF, being born on March 1, 1817 in Sievershagen.  Upon his fathers death, he inherited the family farm where he later lived with his family.

On January,20, 1854 he married Wilhelmine Maria Elisabeth PARBS in Diedrichshagen. They had one daughter I know of so far, but she was born only in 1860. I guess there have been children before between the wedding and 1860. I just have to find them 😉

Joachim was laid to rest in Diedrichshagen on December 27, 1889.



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