December 14 – Happy Birthday to my other Grandma

At the age of only 6 days Mary Stuart becomes Queen of Scotland on December 14, 1542. James Hamilton, the 2nd Earl of Arran takes over the State’s Affairs as her regent.

And on December 14, 1819 Alabama becomes the 22nd state of the USA.

And on December 14, 1912 my other grandma Margarethe Katharina Emma SCHMIDT was born in Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany as the daughter of Carl Joachim August SCHMIDT and Emma Catharina OHRT.

I already told you about my grandma in my blog about her letters.

The following link leads to her birth certificate:

Schmidt Margarethe Katharina Emma 1912-01

And this is a family picture with her parents and her siblings. My grandma is the little girl in the front with the huge hair ribbon. Unfortunately the quality is very bad but I am glad for every picture I have.

Grandma Schmidt's family

Grandma Schmidt’s family

She was the youngest child with three sisters and two brothers. On May 26, 1934 she married my grandfather Wilhelm Ferdinand Christian SCHMIDT in Lübeck. The ceremony didn’t take place in the local church but at their home. Take a peek below at the birthyears of the children and you might guess why. I am ashamed.. really.. 😉

And you can imagine how challenging family research can be with two lines of SCHMIDT. It took me a while to not confuse them 😉

My grandparents had four children born between 1934 and 1945, my Dad being the youngest son followed by the only daughter.

When I think back at my grandma I always see her wearing her pinafore. I hope this is the right word, I had to look it up. I meant something to wear over your normal clothing for protection while doing the house- or gardenwork. Actually I have only seen her without it when she left the house.

The garden area around the house was split into “food” and “looking good”. The food section had potatoes, onions, carrots for the rabbits (thank the Gods they didn’t end up on the dinnertable anymore like when my Dad was a child) and other vegetables. And the compost pile was back there. My grandma would have never put the kitchen slops into the normal trash.

But to be honest, I liked the “looking good” section a lot more because my grandma had a green thumb for roses and she would always cut the first blossom for me.

My grandma died one year after the suffered a severe stroke on May 12, 1996 in Lübeck, surviving her husband by 9 years and 11 months to the day.



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