December 9 – Today in my family tree

The british trusteeship territory Tanganjika, the previous German-East-Africa gains independence from Great Britain on December 9, 1961

And interesting for everyone researching in the area in Germany: The voters in Baden, Württemberg and Württemberg-Hohenzollern decide in a referendum the merge to one Bundesland on December 9, 1951 which is founded in April 25, 1952 and called Baden-Württemberg.

Today in my family tree Johann Gottlieb Heinrich VOLLERT died of pneumonia on December 9, 1875 in Upahl, Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

He was born as the oldest son of the fee farmer Johann Joachim Heinrich VOLLERT and his wife Wilhelmina Catharina NEUMANN on October 31, 1816 in Upahl.

In 1842 he married Maria Elisabeth Margaretha WARNKE in Diedrichshagen. On July 8, to be exact.

So far I know of six of their children being born between 1849 and 1858. But since there is a gap of seven years between their wedding and the first known child, I guess that there are more.

Johann was laid to rest on the cemetary of Diedrichshagen on December 15, 1875.


2 thoughts on “December 9 – Today in my family tree

  1. Hi Barbara! Congratulations on being featured on Geneabloggers today. I really like your idea of “Heute in meinem Stammbaum” — if that is the correct way to say “Today In My Family Tree” auf Deutsch. [I only had three years of German way back in high school.]

    My paternal grandmother, Huldah Antonia Hasselbaum, was first generation American. Both her parents were born in Germany. This is probably the largest hole I have in my genealogy at the moment and is on a future “to do” list. 😉

    Frohe Feiertage!


    • Thank you John. I am glad that you like the blog. And yes, it is the correct translation. Do you have any more information on your grandmother’s parents? Maybe I could help finding a trace.
      Happy holidays!


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