December 7 – My great great grandparents

The Royal Opera House in the Londoner Covent Garden opens with William Congreve‘s piece “The Way of the World” on December 7, 1732.

25.000 people are killed at the earthquake of Spitak in Armenia on December 7, 1988

My 2nd great grand parents Sophia Maria Wilhelmine WARNKE and Joachim Heinrich Gottlieb FREYTAG marry on December 7, 1883 in Diedrichshagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

civil wedding certificate Warnke - Freytag

civil wedding certificate Warnke – Freytag

Sophia is the oldest of ten children of Johann Friedrich Gottlieb WARNKE and his wife Maria Elisabeth Wilhelmine née Oldenburg, being born on July 18, 1860 in Kastahn in the same parish. Her parents owned a small farm which she as daughter couldn’t inherit. She received her christening on July 29, 1860 and her lutheranian confirmation on March 21, 1875 in the same church in Diedrichshagen.

Joachim is born on December 27, 1853 in Diedrichshagen and received his christening on January 1, 1854 in the church of Diedrichshagen. At the same place he got confirmed on April 5, 1868.

He is the second oldest son of the fee farmer Carl Joachim Heinrich FREYTAG and his wife Margaretha Dorothea Maria née KESSIN. The family farm went to his brother and Joachim choose the occupation of a brick layer.

Following the wedding, Sophia moved with Joachim to Diedrichshagen where they settled down as a family with three children being born between 1884 and 1888.


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