November 28 – Hans Lenschow

We stay in the politics on the Island today.

Arthur Griffin founds on November 28, 1905 in Dublin the party Sinn Féin with the goal to have an own Irish parliament within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

And on November 28, 1990 John Major becomes new Prime Minister and new leader of the Conservative Party upon the resignation of Margaret Thatcher.

And on my family tree we meet Hans LENSCHOW

Hans is a cottager born on November 1789 in Wölschendorf, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

Before 1819 he marries Engel Elisabeth MÖLLER. The 1819 census shows them living with 2 children in Wölschendorf

1819 census Hans Lenschow

1819 census Hans Lenschow

In the marriage entry of his youngest son Hans Jacob LENSCHOW (born 1822 therefore not included in the census above) Hans is stated as still alive and a cottager in Wölschendorf.

He died before September 11, 1881 – the day his son Hans Jacob died. In his death entry his father is stated as deceased.



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