November 26 – Albert Tilinski from Rothfliess, East Prussia

Happy birthday to the city of Montpellier!! On November 26, 986 it was mentioned officially for the first time.

On November 25, 1942  the movie “Casablanca” from Michael Curtiz premieres at the “Hollywood Theatre” in New York City.

And on my family tree we meet one of my favourites. My maternal great grandfather Albert TILINSKI. His last name keeps changing between TYLINSKI and TILINSKI from person to person. Albert died on November 26, 1974 in Langenau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. A total unusual place for my family. I have no idea how he ended up there. Unfortunately, my mother didn’t know him at all since her mother didn’t have any contact with him, her father.

All the information I have about him, I found on his last will, I received from his daugther-in-law following the death of her husband, my greatuncle.

Albert was born on June 11, 1891 in Rothfliess, district of Rössel in East Prussia. At that time it was Germany, today it is Poland.

He was married three times.

The first time on October 22, 1917 in Behsau, district of Rössel in East Prussia. The maiden name was supposed to be PETZ (according to my mother). Since his first son Otto-Horst is supposedly born in 1912, I couldn’t match this wife as his mother.

From this first marriage there are five children, four sons and my grandmother as the only girl. The youngest son, Egon TYLINSKI (part of my “Volkstrauertagblogpost) was just three years old, when Albert married the second time.

This time I know the first but not the last name (again, according to my mother who remembered that her mother would call her stepmother “Mama Johanna”): her name was Johanna and they married on March 3, 1930 in Korschen, East Prussia (today’s Korsze in Poland).

I have a big gap between 1930 in Korschen and 1956 in Langenau, where he marries the third time on July 19.

This time I have first and last name 😉 He married Rosemarie Gertrud Ewert née Münzner. She was from East Prussia, too. From Königsberg, to be exact. And she was also married once before.

They both converted to the New Apostolic Church in the meantime (being originally catholic).

On February 7, 1966 he signed and registered his last will and he died on November 26, 1974.


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