November 16 – Day of changes

Being elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto becomes the first women heading an islamic state on November 16, 1988

And staying in politics: On November 16, 1994 Emomalii Rahmon becomes new president of Tajikistan.

And another day of changes on my family tree!

On November 16, 1873 my gggrandparents Carl Friedrich Wilhelm SCHMIDT and Anna Maria Henriette SCHAPER married in Groß Grönau, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Happy anniversary!!

Carl was born on September 10, 1849 in Tüschenbek and received his christening on September 23, 1849 in Groß Grönau. He was the third of five sons from the day labourer Johann Christian August SCHMIDT and Christina Maria HOLST.

Anna was born on April 22, 1849 in Mustin, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany as the fifth of eight children from Johann Joachim Heinrich SCHAPER and Catharina Maria Sophia HAGEN. She got christened on April 29, 1849 in Mustin.

Anna moved to Tüschenbek manor where Carl worked in the stables as a groom whereas she raised 3 children I know of so far. Their first child in 1874 has been a stilborn. The 1896 census states a Wilhelm SCHMIDT born 1884 being part of the household but his relation is unclear. It doesn’t explicitly say that he is a son and I couldn’t find a birth certificate for him yet. So I put the note aside until I can clarify who he is.

Carl retired on January 06, 1905 with a yearly pension of 162 Reichsmark.

No death certificates so far for either one of them.


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