November 13 – (almost) danish

As mentioned in a previous blog, I could have been danish if Prussia and Austria wouldn’t have defeated Denmark 1864.

Since I move to Schleswig-Holstein today I stick with my northern neighbours 😉

November 13, 1002: The English king Aethelred II. orders all Danish living in England to be killed, to prevent an alleged riot. That leads to the St. Brice’s Day Massacre.

November 13, 1742: Today’s “Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters” is founded as “Collegium Antiquitatum”.

On my family tree, I have a sad event for November 13, 1875. Anna Elisabeth BADE, the wife of my 3rd great grand uncle dies in Schlutup, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Her son Heinrich Jochen Peter registered her death on November 19, 1875. I don’t even want to know what they did with her corps for 6 days.

Anna was born 1802 in Schlutup. In the church books just her christening date (December 22, 1802)  is given. For the church this sacrament was important, not the day of her birth. She is by far the oldest child of Hans BADE and Johanna Maria PUMP. Her youngest brother is born 20 years later.

She married Hinrich KRANZ on September 19, 1828 in St. Andreas (St. Andrew’s) of Schlutup.

st. andreas


Yes, you see correctly. There is a fishing boat in the church yard. Schlutup was a fishing village back in those days. St. Andreas is the church of the fishermen. Even today.

The 1851 and the 1862 censuses from Lübeck shows her living with her husband and her 3 sons in Schlutup. Here the 1851 entry as an example:

Anna Bade


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