November 4 – 120 years ago

November 4, 2006 – Western Europe experiences the biggest power outage since 30 years. Abt. 10 mn people in France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Austria and Spain are without electricity for up to 2 hours.

And on November 4, 1924 Howard Carter discovers the nearly intact tomb of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

On my family tree the father-in-law of my 2nd great grand uncle dies on November 4, 1892 in Upahl, parish of Diedrichshagen, Mecklenburg, Germany.

Grevesmhlen MecklenburgWestern Pomerania Germany -121

Hans Joachim Friedrich KOOP is born on January 15, 1850 in Upahl.

The 1867 census of Upahl shows him as a mason apprentice living with is parents Carl and Maria. Their full names are Hans Carl Christian KOOP and Maria Elisabeth Elsabe Sophie née SUHRBIEHR.

Hans married his fiancée Wilhelmine Louise Henriette KRUSE on November 5, 1875 in Diedrichshagen. The couple had two daughters and three sons, born between 1880 and 1888.

His wife survived him by 26 years!


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