October 29 – citation anyone?

On October 29, 1888 a convention is signed in Constantinople (today’s Istanbul) that declares the Suez-Canal an international waterway. And we stay in Turkey… October 29, 1923 is the founding day of the Republic of Turkey by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. He also moves the capital to Ankara.

And on my family tree?

I told you about her parents yesterday. October 29, 1868 Elisabeth Auguste Margaretha Kröppelin died in Upahl, Mecklenburg, Germany of typhoid fever.

I have her year of birth given with 1846 and her place of birth with Wotenitz, Mecklenburg, Germany. But guess what? I don’t have any citation for this entry. So, I have no idea at all anymore where I got the information from. I don’t have her census record from 1867. That can’t be the source then. You might remember from yesterday, that she wasn’t living with her parents anymore in 1867.

She wasn’t married since only her maiden name is given as full name in her death entry in the churchbooks of Diedrichshagen. And her date of birth is not stated there either.

I guess, I have to go back checking on everything I have on her, her parents and her siblings to find out how I came up with “born abt. 1846 in Wotenitz”.

I know I repeat myself, but you see, even I make the mistake sometimes to not cite the source. And you see where I end with it … doing work I’ve already done again.



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