October 28 – watch out for strange names

I just have one event on my family tree for this day.

October 28, 1885 Elisabeth Anna Dorothea Lunow vulgo Linow died in Upahl, Mecklenburg, Germany in the parish of Diedrichshagen.

Strange name, isn’t it? Lunow vulgo Linow means Lunow also known as Linow. And this was really her name as was her father’s.

According to the 1867 census she was born 1816 as the daughter of Friedrich Christoph Lunow vulgo Linow and Catharina Elisabeth Herrich.

MecklenburgSchwerin Germany Census 1867-21

The census shows her being married to Friedrich Kröppelin who was born abt. 1820 in Sparnitz, Mecklenburg, Germany and two children still living with the parents: Dorothea born 1852 and Friedrich born 1856.

Friedrich’s full name was Christian Ludwig Friedrich Kröppelin. He died February 14, 1900.

They had 3 more children already not living with them anymore: Elisabeth born 1846, Auguste born 1848 and Maria born 1850.

Her civil death certificate only shows Linow as her maiden name. Throughout the years the Lunow got lost. According to the certificate she was 70 years old when she died. That would mean she was born 1815, not 1816 as mentioned in the census. Another to-do on my list.

Grevesmhlen MecklenburgWestern Pomerania Germany -109


She was laid to rest on November 2, 1885 in Diedrichshagen, Mecklenburg, Germany.


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