October 27 – always check the real record

October 27, 1991 – Turkmenistan declares its independance from he Soviet Union

And after 4 years of construction work the underground of New York City is opened for public on October 27, 1904. The first route starts at City Hall and passes Grand Central Station and the Times Square to finish at Broadway and 145th Street in Harlem.

And on my family tree? I only have weddings for today.

And I want to use this blog to show you why it is important to always check the real record and not only the indices.

Otto Heinrich Karl FREYTAG, my first cousin 3x removed married Dora Luise Wilhelmine BÖCKMANN on October 27, 1911 in Diedrichshagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

Otto was born on June 14, 1882 in Diedrichshagen the second of 4 children. Dora’s birthday is October 13, 1889 in Upahl, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

I already knew about their marriage because I found their wedding entry in the churchbooks:

Freytag - Böckmann 1911

Nothing fancy here. Information on the groom , the bride and their parents.

In preparation for this blog I went back to ancestry.de because a couple of months ago the civil records of the area Grevesmühlen for the years 1876 – 1920 have been published there. So, I was looking for their civil wedding record and I found this:


You see that there is a remark with blue ink on the original record. It states that the groom died on May 15, 1956 in Diedrichshagen. It even provides the citation of the death record and is signed by the registrar.

If I just would have relied on the record I already had, I would have totally missed this information. It is even more important, since due to data protection in Germany records from 1956 are not open for access yet.

So, always check the real record. Don’t rely only on the indices or transcriptions. You never know what might have been missed.


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