October 25 – Today in my family tree

October 25, 1956 – Adolf Hitler is officially declared dead by the court in his last residence Berchtesgaden … nothing more to add.

October 25, 1955 – The 12 year old Sadako Sasaki dies as Hibakusha. A result of the atomic bomb of Hiroshima 1945. Until today her name and the Origami crane, which she used to fold as a japanese tradition during her suffering,  is a symbol for peace and the anti-atomic-weapon-movement.

And on my family tree?

My 3x greatgrandaunt Anna Catharina Dorothea SCHAPER dies of a “Brustkrankheit” (translated: chest sickness) on October 25, 1846 in Mustin in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. This could have meant everything from breast cancer to a heart attack. Well, something chest related.

She wasn’t married, she didn’t have children.

She was born November 29, 1820 in Mustin as the 5th of 7 children to Franz Joachim Hinrich Christian SCHAPER and Catharina Dorothea DAEHN and got baptized December 10, 1820 in Mustin. And it is also the place where she got laid to rest on October 29, 1846.




2 thoughts on “October 25 – Today in my family tree

  1. Thank you for the link back – I have always been interested in my own family tree I come from a long line of Irish – Kiely’s


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