October 23 – Going back to the roots: Diedrichshagen ;)

Although we Germans do drive other cars (well, sometimes.. lol) there is still this distinction between “are you a Mercedes or a BMW type?”

And I am definetly a Mercedes type, therefore I couldn’t exclude the following event 😉

October 23, 1971 Daimler-Benz applied for a german patent for their construction today known as AIRBAG.

And on my tree? We have another anniversary to celebrate today.

Dorothea Maria Henriette HAGEDORN married Heinrich Andreas Joachim WARNKE on October 23, 1896 in Diedrichshagen.

Dorothea was born on January 25, 1868 in Boienhagen as the youngest of six children to the farmer Christian Karl Heinrich HAGEDORN and Anna Katharina Margarethe FRAHM. And again the girls had the edge over the boys. Somehow we are a matriarchy 😉

Heinrich was born on December 19, 1872 in Upahl, within the same parish. He is the oldest son of Hans Joachim Heinrich WARNKE and Karolina Maria Wilhelmine SCHMIDT.

Dorothea had one daughter with an unknown father before the marriage and 3 surviving children with Heinrich. Again, 2 daughters.

I found both of them in the 1900 census as well as in the 1919 census. I “just” have to find any trace of them following that 😉


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