October 21 – Today in my family tree

Well, if that isn’t genealogy related, I don’t know. October 21, 1907 the day labourer Daniel Hartman finds a fossil jaw which is known internationally today as “Mauer 1” in the town of Mauer, close to Heidelberg, Germany. Mauer 1 belongs to the homo heidelbergensis and is the oldest homo fossil ever found in Germany. Its age is supposed to 609,000 years +- 40,000 years (hey, what’s a 40,000 years when it comes to the human species ;))

Another important day for Germany? October 21, 1969. Willy Brandt is elected chancelor of the first social-liberal government in history of the Federal Republic of Germany. And thank my history and politics teacher, I didn’t even had to look this one up.

And what happened on my family tree?

My 2nd cousin 3x removed Paul Friedrich Wilhelm KÖRNER was born in *drumroll*… tadaaa, Diedrichshagen on October 21, 1887 as the third of four sons. Oh geeze, the poor mother.

But let me tell you one thing, nature and the gods called for justice… he had only daughters, but just two of them 😉

He was baptized in Diedrichshagen November 13, 1887

February 27,1914 he married Wilhelmine Anna Elisabeth KÄHLER in Diedrichshagen, who was born June 29, 1888 in Büttlingen in the same parish.

This is their marriage entry:


marriage entry Körner - Kähler 1914

marriage entry Körner – Kähler 1914


Do you see this little remark below her name in the 5th column? It says “Der Kranz war erschlichen”. Translated something like “the wreath was obtained by fraud”.

The bridal wreath was the sign for the virginity of the bride. It looks like the bride wasn’t as pure as she was supposed to be 😉

And here is the “proof”. The first daughter Betty Wilhelmine Luise KÄHLER was born just 6 months after the wedding in August 1914.

The second one came 2 years later 1916.

I haven’t seen any of the four in the 1919 census yet. Another thing on my “to-do-list” thanks to “Today in my family tree”.



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