October 20 – Today in my family tree

I already told you about my greatgrandfather Albert Karl Julius Nicolaus here, he died October 20, 1931 in Halle, Germany.

Therefore I had chosen someone else to tell you about in my today’s blog about this day in my family tree. Actually, I wanted to tell you about Johann Heinrich Meyer. His death record is entered in my family tree as October 20, 1889. But when I checked the church book duplicates published on ancestry.de I couldn’t find the entry. WHAT??? I even had a citation for this event, all was there. This can’t be!

But well.. all ressources don’t help if you don’t transcribe them correctly. With a bit of clicking left and right, I found him. Johann Heinrich Meyer died December 20, 1889. We have to wait for 2 more months to learn more about him 😉

So let me tell you about Wilhelm Joachim Heinrich Martin STÖTER and Karoline Sofia Wilhelmine BUMANN. They married in Diedrichshagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin October 20, 1905.

This is their marriage record in the church book of Diedrichshagen:


You can see that Wilhelm was born November 13, 1876 in Piperkaten, working as a postman at the time of his wedding.

Karoline (have you seen this? “Jungfrau”.. again being a virgin was to be mentioned) was born Mai 8, 1878 in Upahl.

5 years earlier I found both of them in the 1900 cencus. You can see that her first name is spelled with a C instead of a K like in the marriage records. Always be open for different spellings, even variations of names:

Wilhelm Stöter Caroline Bumann

Wilhelm died just 4 years following their wedding April 24, 1909.

I couldn’t trace any children of them yet.


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