October 14 – Today in my family tree

Somehow I always end up in Diedrichshagen these days. But don’t give up, the other places are coming, too 😉

October 14, 1825 is a very special day in my family tree. It is the wedding date of my 5x grandparents Gottlieb Heinrich Christian WARNKE and Catharina Dorothea QUALMANN.

Why is it a special day? Because for this line it is the last proven wedding date I have.

Gottlieb was a farmer from Kastahn in the parish of Diedrichshagen, born March 11, 1801. Catharina the daugther of the “Schulze” in Diedrichshagen. She was born September 20, 1801 in Diedrichshagen.

This is the translation I found for Schulze, not really sure, if it makes sense:

chairman of a farmers cooperative or of a village who was in charge of the Flurzwang

Gottlieb and Catharina had 11 children in the time period of 1826 til 1842, their oldest son being my 4x grandfather.

Both of them reached a very high age for that time. Gottlieb died December 10, 1885  and Catharina March 24, 1876. Both of them in Kastahn.

The name Catharina has been handed down from generation to generation. It was my grandmother’s second name. My father’s generation has been left out, but one of my cousins is called Katharina again.


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