October 13 – Today in my family tree

October 13, 54 A.D. – Nero become the last emperor of Rome, coming from the famous Julius family.

In 1809  the 17 year old Friedrich Stapß gets arrested in the castle Schönbrunn because he tried to kill Napoleon I. with a kitchen knife. Stapß gets executed 3 days later.

And 1889 on that day Dora Luise Wilhelmine BÖCKMANN is born in Upahl, parish of Diedrichshagen in Mecklenburg-Schwerin. She gets baptized November 10, 1889 in this beautiful church:


I found her with her family in the 1900 cencus. 1904 she gets confirmed in the same church. And October 27, 1911 it is the place she gets married to Otto Heinrich Karl FREYTAG.

The only child I could find so far is born in 1912. But based on the entry in the 1919 cencus for the family, my assumption is that they really only had this one child.


And although all those ressources online are great, sometimes travelling to where your ancestors lived is the biggest help. Look what I found at the church cemetery in Diedrichshagen:

IMG_2040I admit, the words are a bit faded and I could have taken a better picture. But I wasn’t really prepared and the weather was bad to take pictures: georgeous sunshine, blue sky and perfect white snow 😉

Dora died November 1, 1983 and is buried with her husband in a family grave.


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