October 12 – Today in my family tree

Wow , October 12 is kind of a day. Not only was it the birth of the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany – better known as Wies’n. Crown prince Ludwig , future king of Bavaria Ludwig I. marries princess Therese of Sachsen-Hildburghausen on that day in 1810. The wedding celebration ended with a horse race open to everyone as a festival for all bavarians. This is how it all started.

And if we go back in time another 318 years we reach the day Christofero Colombo, better known as Christoph Columbus sets his foot on the island of Guanahani and names it San Salvador – October 12, 1492: The day he discovered America.

But even more important 😉 … October 12, 1857 my second cousin 4x removed was born in Boienhagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin which belongs to the parish of Diedrichshagen: Maria Sophia Dorothea FRAHM was the 2nd of nine children of the fee farmer Johann David Ernst FRAHM and Maria Dorothea Anna TRETOW.

She married Engelhardt Joachim Heinrich GOTTSCHALK December 3, 1880 from Alt Jassewitz. Following the wedding she moved with him to their new home on the farm of his parents which he as oldest son would inherit one day.

I have found 2 children so far for them. One stillborn son in 1881 and the daughter Margarethe Emma Erna GOTTSCHALK in 1882.

I couldn’t find anyone of the family so far in either the 1900 or 1919 census of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. So 1882 is the last trace I have for the family.


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