October 9 – Today in my family tree

It was today 157 years ago, October 9, 1857 that my great-great-great-aunt was born in Diedrichshagen in the grandduchy Mecklenburg-Schwerin (today part of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany).  Actually my fathers maternal side did me a huge favour in living in one parish and staying there. Once in a while someone would marry into one of the neighbour parishes. But overall they stayed put 😉

Her name was Wilhelmine Sophia Auguste FREYTAG. I have no idea if the king of prussia Wilhelm I was the inspiration, but Wilhelmine (for girls) and Wilhelm (for boys) seemed to be very popular with my family that time. Almost every second child carried this name, either as a first or a middle name.

Wilhelmine was the fourth child to her parents Carl Joachim Heinrich FREYTAG and Margarethe Dorothea Maria KESSIN. She was baptised 5 days later, October 14 1857 in the beautiful small church of Diedrichshagen, which I love to visit today. I like to sit in the churchyard and to imagine how life has been in this tiny village some 200 years ago.

April 2, 1871 she was confirmed in the same church she was baptised in and February 22, 1879 she got married there to Hans Joachim Heinrich FREYTAG. And yes, they both have the same birth name. Unfortunately, that happened quite often in my tree.

I know of one child they had: August Carl Heinrich FREYTAG, born March 3, 1880.

The last trace I have of her is the 1919 census of Diedrichshagen.


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