Albert Karl Julius Nicolaus, * July 15, 1871 Königsberg, East Prussia

This is my greatgrandfater Albert Karl Julius Nicolaus. He was born July 15, 1871 in Königsberg in East Prussia (today’s Kaliningrad) as the oldest son to the merchant Franz Carl Nicolaus and his wife Marie Wocsna.


Albert Karl Julius Nicolaus

Albert Karl Julius Nicolaus

Albert Karl Julius Nicolaus

Unfortunately, the second picture has gotten wrinkled over the years.

In Königsberg he got married to Ida Biernath (I have no record yet on the exact date) and his 2 oldest daughters were born there: Eva and Else (you might remember them from my previous blogs about them).

In 1918 he married my greatgrandmother Hedwig Agnes Clara Ribbe in Halle (Saxony-Anhaltina). When I finally received their marriage record from the archive in Halle, I was surprised to see him living in Dresden. I never heard of that. Well of Dresden of course, but not that family ever lived there 😉

Hedwig & Albert

Hedwig & Albert

Following his marriage to Hedwig he took over the family hotel and the school of etiquette and ballroom dancing she inherited from her first husband when he died.

This postcard shows the ballroom of the hotel “Goldener Hirsch”:


On July 8, 1920 when the horse race track in Halle opened again after 6 years following WWI, he opened a restaurant at the race track. I contacted the race club, if they have any more information than they had published on their website (which is unfortunately not active anymore), but so far, they didn’t answer. So, if anyone of them reads this.. please contact me.

He has 2 children with Hedwig, born 1921 and 1922. One of those being my grandfather Wolfgang Albert Nicolaus.

Following Hedwigs death in 1925, he married again in 1929. His third wife was the former nanny of the family, Gertrud Ellie Rudolf.

I have traced him til 1931 in the city directories, but I couldn’t find any death record at the Halle archives.

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you research Nicolaus, too?


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