Frieda Nicolaus * 1876 in Koenigsberg, East Prussia

And here is another member of my Nicolaus family.

Let me tell you the few things I know about Frieda Nicolaus, the aunt of Eva and Else.

Frieda is the little sister from my greatgrandfather. She was born 1876 in Koenigsberg. In 1906 she married Emil Altrock, a “big fat man” as one of their nieces described him.

1909 their son Heinz was born. The same niece described him im as a young man with horn rim glasses – a sweetheart. She had a very clear memory of his apartment from abt. 1936. It was like walking into Arabian nights- carpets, big cusions everywhere, read walls, red curtains.

Frieda died 1963 in “I have no idea where”.

Emil Altrock supposedly had a huge carnival. In 1934 an Emil Altrock owned a liquor factory in Koenigsberg in the Wassergasse 29/30. I wonder if that is the same person?

And that’s it. That is all I have. So I wonder if there are any Altrocks out there who could help me?


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