First success story!!

Oh my God!! Take a second and imagine myself just jumping up and down right now. Internally, I do! I am so exited!!

I just checked my emails on my mobile because a friend notified me via SMS that he sent me a file I was waiting for and what do I see instead?? (I didn’t even get to the mail I was waiting for ;))

You remember my Ulmer blog? With some hints I received after publishing the blog and some help from Auntie Google, I found the work email adress of a Wilfried Ulmer, living in down under. Well, with nothing to loose I wrote him an email, explaining who I am, added some information about the Ulmers I am looking for and asked him, if he is the Wilfried Ulmer emigrating with his parents to Australia in 1952.

And guess what? He is!! This is amazing! I cannot wait to get to know him better.

My first ever successfull cousin bait!


2 thoughts on “First success story!!

    • Hi Ann,
      I came across the term “cousin bait” via an webinar where it was used. I actually had to look it up in the dictionary. But I love how it really says all.
      Happy hunting!


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