Eva Nicolaus * 1898 in Koenigsberg, East Prussia

I already told you about Else Nicolaus in my first blog. Now it is time to introduce you to her older sister Eva Nicolaus.

This picture shows Eva and Else. Unfortunately, no date is given.

Eva Nicolaus 1898_edited

All the information I have so far is coming from family interviews with elder family members, there are no records attached for proof. That much as a dislaimer.

Eva Nicolaus was born 1898 in Koenigsberg, East Prussia. She was the oldest daugther from Albert Karl Julius Nicolaus and Ida Biernath.

She was married to Hans (or Wilhelm, there is some disagreement about the name) Matthis. He was a harpist at the theatre in Posen. A family anecdote says that when they had to flee out of Posen during WWII, Eva just grabbed her stuff and left the harp. He is supposed to have left her for that, never forgiving her for not taking care of the harp.

In 1936 when her sister Else came back from the US to get treatment for her daughter Eva, she asked her sister and her brother-in-law to help her taking care of little Eva.

The only other information I have on Eva: after Hans’ (or Wilhelms) death during WW II, she married a british Army officer and they moved to Liverpool. I don’t have a name, I don’t have a date. So, I am hoping for the World Wide Web and a coincidence to help me out 🙂


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