Friedrich Ludwig Heinrich Ulmer * Sept 17, 1916 – setting sail to Australia

Unfortunaly,  I don’t have a picture of him, but I would like to introduce you to Friedrich Ulmer, my 2nd cousin 3rd degree. Yeah, that is quite distant, isn’t it?

But the good thing in genealogy? It doesn’t matter. We’re all family.

So, here I am, chasing Friedrich Ulmer all the way to Australia. But let’s start at the beginning. What do I know from him?

He was born on September 17, 1916 in the midth of WW I in Bremen, Germany as the second of four children. His parents were Johann Friedrich Ulmer and Emma Christina Elisabeth Schmidt (that’s where I am coming in). Emma was born in a tiny little village in Schleswig-Holstein called Tueschenbek. It was small then and it is even smaller now. And I have no idea how she ended up in Bremen. Today it is not a distance at all. It is about 2 hours by car. But back then?

Actually I didn’t even know this line existed until a short while ago. I received a message from a fellow co-genealogist on pointing out a connection and providing me with the little information he had. He attached pictures of two documents and that’s where I got all my data on Friedrich from.

One looks like a census card, but I cannot really tell, from when and where. But hey, that is interesting: he worked as a locksmith, building airplanes at the time whenever this card has been filled out.

Friedrich Ulmer


From this card, I can tell that he got  married to Emma Mina Lina Gerda Sievers on July 19, 1941 (Happy Anniversary!!)  and that they have three children:

  • Friedrich Louis Gerhard
  • Lina Alwine Edeltraud
  • Wilfried

I can even see that his previous residents were with his parents. Cencuses are a great source for genealogists. We get all those bits and pieces. It depends on the person who took them and what mood he was in. Some have been real chitty-chatters.

But the most interesting piece of information? Do you see this post-it on the lower right? It states that they emigrated to Australia on board the MS Nelly October 30, 1952.

And here we have the Passenger Departure Card from the harbor police in Bremerhaven. One of the two emigration ports in Germany (the other one is Hamburg).

Friedrich Ulmer Passenger Departure Card


The MS Nelly arrived in Melbourne December 5, 1952. And this is the last I know from him, his wife and his 3 children. Where did they settle? What happened to them?

Are there any australian Ulmers out there that can help?


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