Else Nicolaus * 1900 in Koenigsberg, East Prussia

May I introduce? This is my greataunt Else Nicolaus


Else Nicolaus, born 1900 in Koenigsberg, East Prussia

Isn’t she cute?

She was born October 22, 1900 in Koenigsberg in East Prussia (today’s Kaliningrad in Russia). She married Paul Hugo Rudolf Koppetsch December 12, 1920 in Koenigsberg. They had 3 children: Wilhelm (William), Harry and Eva. The family emigrated to the United States of America 1929 on board the SS Albert Ballin. I found her in the 1930 census as Elsie M. Kopeck with her husband Paul and her 3 children living in the Bronx, NY. In 1936 the family returned to Germany because the daughter Eva got ill and got treated in a German hospital in Berlin. On November 30, 1937 she signed her petition for naturalization.

And now it gets tricky, because I have a gap for her of 12 years.

I found an index card for her giving the information of her name change to Else Veaudry due to marriage. I don’t really understand, if she changed her name in 1938 or in 1954? Ideas anyone? Given the following information it couldn’t have been 1938.

Elsie Koppetsch Namensänderung

A George E. Veaudry is shown as a witness on the petition for naturalization for her husband Paul Hugo Rudolf Koppetsch. In the 1930 census the same George E. Veaudry is listed as living with his wife Edna and their son George jr. in the same building as Else, Paul and their 3 children.

The 1940 census shows that Paul, Wilhelm and Eva moved to Manhattan (E 74th street). Their last name is given with Kowpetch and Paul is mentioned as married and head of the household.  Harry supposedly died in 1936  in a car crash in the Bronx. But no Else!

I also found Edna M. Veaudry listed as married and head of the household with George jr. and 4 additional children. They moved to Manhattan, too. But a different adress. And no George E.!

I have looked left and right but I cannot find Else and/or George in the 1940 census. One assumption is that Else and Paul seperated after Harry’s death in 1936.

In 1949  Else and George can be found as spouses in Paterson, NJ in the city directory. 

Family history says she died in 1969, but I couldn’t find anything to proove that yet.

But when did they get married? Where are they 1940? I also checked the passenger lists, if Else had gone back to Germany. But who would have done that in that time after WW II started? I couldn’t find anything.

I have found George E. Veaudry’s enlistment record from August 14, 1942. His status there is “seperated, without dependants”. Still no sign from Else.

I am looking for every information on her, her children Wilhelm (William), Eva and Harry.

Are there any cousins out there? I would love to meet you!


16 thoughts on “Else Nicolaus * 1900 in Koenigsberg, East Prussia

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  7. I would like to know where you have been when doing your research. did you try Ancestry.com? I found some interesting things about the Veaudry family. I suppose you notived that in 1940 both George E Veaudry and Else Kopescth are missing. Did you also notice Ronald Veaudry was only 1 year old and that he possibly may have a different father than George or maybe, Eva is not his real mother. Anyway there is a note at the bottom of the page about him that is very intriguing. Also when I look up Ronald, I find that there are a few family sites that include George Veaudry’s family. Evidently he did have another wife but Else is not mentioned.
    I am also wondering about some other possibilities. I hope it is all right with you if I pursue researching about Else. She is indeed a cure little girl and it would be a shame to loose her story during this time period.


    • Hi Sandra, thanks for spending your time on this trying to help me out. Yes, I realised that Else and George were missing in the 1940 census. That is exactly my brick wall. And just to clarify, I think that only William, Harry and Eva are Else’s children. The other Veaudry children are from George and Edna (I think her maiden name is Kelley or Kelly).
      And yes, I did all my research on this on ancestry.com.


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